Weight Gain for Dysphagia

 Swallowing problems account for tens of thousands of deaths in the United States each year and malnutrition resulting from swallowing problems cause weakness and susceptibility to infection that hasten the deaths of thousands more.”1

There are four main types of dysphagia but any type can add difficulty and stress to one’s daily routine. Dysphagia not only makes eating difficult and stressful, but also negatively impacts one’s ability to take in enough calories and liquids to nourish and hydrate.

Each person’s treatment and dietary modifications may be different, but a dietitian can help to ensure that any recommendations are in line with the nutritional and caloric requirements of the individual.

The consistency (thickness) of Opt2thrive® makes it a quality and delicious choice for those experiencing dysphagia.  This natural, high calorie shake is a timesaver which reduces the stress of obtaining the required daily number of calories and protein.

Opt2thrive® is the key to maintaining daily calorie requirements in order to: MAINTAIN WEIGHT, STRENGTH and ENERGY.

Opt2Thriveprovides high amounts of:
Protein and,
To help maintain or gain weight  – 630
To maintain strength and energy – 25g
To assist with digestive health – 13g
In a small volume To accommodate smaller meal and snack sizes – 9 oz.
In a thicker consistency Easier to swallow
Is NOT vitamin fortified (only what is brought in by the food’s natural ingredients) To avoid adverse interaction with some prescription medications

1 Getting a Grip on Swallowing Problems by: Roya Sayadi, Ph.D, CCC-SLP and Joel Herskowitz, M.D.