The Story Behind Opt2Thrive™

My daughter was born six weeks premature facing extreme feeding issues and a diagnosis of failure to thrive (FTT).  My husband and I tried numerous feeding tools, but Katie continued to burn more calories than she was able to consume.  During the first seven years of her life, many specialists wondered if Katie would survive despite our intense efforts.

Desperate and determined to remove this “FTT” label from our lives, I went to work trying to create something that would help Katie gain weight and become healthier just one day at a time.  I could not accept that she would “fail to thrive” and Opt2Thrive™ was born.

By having two shakes per day, Katie only needed to eat an additional 240 calories to reach her daily goal of 1,500 calories. Over time, Katie gradually added small amounts of solid foods to each meal.  My daughter was finally able to gain weight at a consistent rate, maintain her weight when sick or recovering, and manipulate and chew solid food without pain like the rest of the family. It was truly amazing!

Now, at age 16, Katie is healthy and thriving in all aspects of her life!  This shake truly changed our family’s life and I felt compelled to share this with others, but it was not until I was sharing “mommy” stories with a cousin, Michelle, that this dream came alive.  Through our research and doctor consultations it was determined that Opt2Thrive™ was not just for children with feeding difficulties and FTT, but could benefit anyone from 2 – 102 with unintended weight loss.

It is our goal to continue our research, knowledge and product development so we can continue to help others overcome their weight loss issues and regain their health, strength and vitality.