I Can’t Gain Weight

“I can’t gain weight!” and “I can use this!” are phrases that  we frequently hear when presenting Opt2thrive at events or to groups.  These individuals have an Ectomorph body type – they are naturally skinny individuals with a high metabolism.  They experience great difficulty gaining weight and muscle.

There are many articles and information regarding diet and training geared toward the Ectomorph body type and success stories of those ectomorph’s who have gone on to win accolades in the body building arena.

However, within those articles, there appears to be a consensus that these individuals should eat a lot of food, while minimizing empty calorie foods and focus on eating high amounts of protein.

In an article called Grow, Ectomorph Grow! by Ryan McLane, states:  “You have to eat to grow”.  Ryan also notes that, at one point, he was taking a creatine supplement but gave it up because he “was not making any gains at all”.  He figured out that he needed to be eating more protein.

Preparing, cleaning up and eating all of that food is extremely time consuming.  Sometimes a natural, high, calorie and protein FOOD PRODUCT is a nice break and time saver for those requiring a high calorie and protein diet.

Opt2thrive® can be the key to maintaining the dietary level Ectomorphs need to achieve:  INCREASED WEIGHT, STRENGTH and MUSCLE.

Opt2Thriveprovides high amounts of:
Protein and,
“Good fat”
To invigorate weight gain – 630
To increase strength and muscle growth – 25g
To occupy a high metabolism and minimize muscle loss – 29g
Minimal volume in an easy to shake, portable drink 9 oz, combined with water, which provides a nice break from food prep and cleanup
Natural, food ingredients No ingredients to identify or research