Weight Gain For The Elderly

Many Family Caregivers become concerned when their elderly loved one is not eating and losing weight.  Rightfully so, Geriatricians do too!

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has published many studies regarding weight loss in the elderly.

One study speaks of UNDER-NUTRITION and extreme thinness as leading to HIGHER MORTALITY RATES.

Two studies published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine illustrate that, in addition to clinical factors (chronic diseases, cancer, heart failure, high-risk medications), depression and POOR NUTRITION significantly increased the occurrence of READMISSION to hospitals.

We know that significant weight loss is not a normal aspect of aging. Literature documents that clinical and behavioral issues should be addressed; dietitians and doctors also recommend that supplements NOT replace meals, but be used for precisely as their name suggests:  to supplement meals.

Sometimes a supplement is the key to jump start one’s JOURNEY back to:  INCREASED WEIGHT, STRENGTH and ENERGY in the easiest, least resistant way.  In addition, when we “feel well” our emotional state is positively impacted too.

Opt2Thriveprovides high amounts of:

Protein and,

To invigorate weight gain – 630
To increase strength and energy – 25g
To assist with digestive health – 13g

In a small volume

To accommodate smaller meal and snack sizes – 9 oz.

In a thicker consistency Easier to swallow

Is NOT vitamin fortified (only what is brought in by the food’s natural ingredients)

To avoid adverse interaction with some prescription medications