Opt2Thrive™ is a delicious therapeutic supplement
for anyone age 2 thru 102 who is having difficulty gaining weight due to a variety of illnesses, diseases, and conditions.

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Our Story

My daughter was born six weeks premature facing extreme feeding issues and a diagnosis of failure to thrive (FTT). My husband and I tried numerous feeding tools, but Katie continued to burn more calories than she was able to consume. During the first seven years of her life, many specialists wondered if Katie would survive despite our intense efforts.

Desperate and determined to remove this “FTT” label from our lives, I went to work trying to create something that would help Katie gain weight and become healthier just one day at a time. I could not accept that she would “fail to thrive” and Opt2Thrive™ was born.

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“I have been Katie’s pediatrician since birth and throughout the critical years, I witnessed the amazing results of this homemade shake created by her mother. I am convinced Opt2Thrive™ was a key factor in Katie’s success.”

– Lynda Bideau, M.D.
Board Certified Pediatrician

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